You are apple of my eye: Chinese film censorship and some thoughts Part1

In the mainland , we always get the different versions of films that  can be classified  as the original version and the  alleged ” censored” version. “You are the apple of my eye” is a film from Taiwan, which is directed by Giddens Ko. It is about a  sad love story in the period of highschool.

Though the content of “you are the apple of my eye” is moderate, in China , it still gets two versions as usual. One is for the Taiwan, Hong Kong and oversea markets, and another one is for the mainland. I have experienced both two versions  to have a retrospect to the time of my high school, and it actually generates a kind of nostalgia feeling. However, differences are also obvious that invoke me to draw some thoughts of the Chinese movie censorship in mainland and the surveillance about several social media sites in China, for instance, Mtime. To give an introduction, at first,  the prestigious film site IMDB is blocked in mainland which makes me really sad. It is partly due to several movies information, like the  documentary movie on the Dalai Lama and Tibet. But we never get official responses about the issue, it is really common in China that folks seldom receive answers from the government toward certain “sensitive” events. This really undermines the democracy in China, and does little help to foster a “public sphere”.  Back to the mainland , the website Mtime also provides  similar functions of IMDB for movie rankings and comments , and the language mostly used is mandarin. But for such a “harmonized” website, it was also under investigation for several months in 2011 by government because of  the discussion of films like the one that seems to be rebellious  called “V for Vendetta”. The censorship is so severe, that in those websites, you can not even talk about the bureaucracy, anarchy, protest or rebellion, etc, in China. The democracy and political development need a long way to go that government should listen to the voice of opposite and the voice of grassroots.

Meanwhile , in the “censored” version of ” you are the apple of my eye”,  there is no masturbation scene or some erotic scenes about the naughty essence of teenage boys. Sometimes, it is the original humanities, like love, sex and politics which are suppressed by the Bureau. “films are always beyond the daily life”, directors use the tool of visual arts to express their thoughts and attitudes towards life, when it becomes censored, it is hard to make a great movie. This is also one reason that we don’t have many world-acknowledged films inmainland.

At last, I hope to see more freedom in mainland film works, otherwise, it is very hard to pursue the better future of Chinese film industry and gain the acknowledgement worldwide.


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