Never Sorry : Ai Weiwei

“Out of the 40 cats, one knows how to open doors … Where did this intelligence come from? All the other cats watch us open the door. So I was thinking, if I never met this cat that can open doors, I wouldn’t know cats could open doors. ” One quote from the Artist Ai Weiwei.

As aforementioned in the post 2, Ai Weiwei is a prestigious artist and activist in China. He is actively using the social media to disseminate the information to the world, like Twitter, YouTube and Sina Weibo,etc. Through YouTube, he organized a workshop to tell the world what is happening in China, about his investigation in Sichuan Earthquake. The government imposed highly intention on him that the work is very hard to do in Sichuan after the Earthquake to have a detailed investigation about the name list of students who died.  It contains lots of benefits, for example, pension for the dead students . And also the Bureaucracy system makes it hard to do the work, as the police always listens to the superior class and makes “the little thing to be big and hard to tell.”

Just as the Jasmine Revolution in Africa and Middle East, “We use Facebook to schedule the protests, Twitter to coordinate, and YouTube to tell the world”. The role of social media improved the political activism and its influence. Grass root media helps the organization and dissemination of partial resistance and leads to the improvement of democracy.

There are also severe punishments for the online activism in China. As Ai was doing the investigation in Sichuan, he was caught by the police and even the state security Bureau to not leave the place he lived. And he even got punched when police broke in. Other methods like sending him to detention and taking away his passport. Combined with the  great fire wall, key word scan system and self-censorship make the online sphere not the best choice for the “freedom of speech” in China .


You are apple of my eye: Chinese film censorship and some thoughts Part2

Recent released Hollywood blockbusters also face the challenges from the censorship when they tend to enter the market. The content is under careful examination by the government. Meanwhile, China has a strict limit on number of  the foreign films allowed to be shown in theaters.  And  the China film group functions as  the  Chinese government’s guardian on the film market, any foreign films want to enter the China’s door must pass through this gatekeeper.

For instance, Thirteen minutes of “Men in Black 3 ” were cut out of the film by the Chinese government.

According to China’s Southern  Daily Newspaper a large section of “Men In Black 3” was discarded by officials because of how it portrays the government’s position on Internet censorship.  The scene took place in Chinatown, and it showed the Agent K and Agent J have a fighting in the restaurant , and then have their memories wiped clean to prevent stories about the aliens to spread.

The reason for censoring is that it can be related to the Internet censorship in China by the government. The interesting point here is censorship about the censorship. There are also other elements that  are not supposed to promote, like obscenity, gambling, violence, super naturalism, horrors, ghosts.

However, the internet allows the citizen to access wide range of resources including some banned  films in China. Through the Internet, it makes the state regulation a bit redundant . Because of the technology, we can have other methods to circumvent the regulation.  For example , in China , we can use the proxy to access the YouTube and many other sides. And the movie resources are also abundant through torrents, meanwhile, language remains to be a barrier. Several grass root workshops help to make subtitles their own to let the audiences enjoy the film. And the regulation remains to be powerful that large percentage of the population doesn’t know how to locate the resource though Internet.