Girlfriend or DOTA? Game market and addiction in China

Online gaming market is one of the largest and fastest growing internet business sectors in China. There are 457 million Internet users with the two-thirds  engaging in playing online games.  One typical game which called DOTA  is extremely popular in China. DOTA(Defense of Ancient Towers) is a map for Warcraft 3. Recently,  a  game addiction story  caught the eye-ball on Chinese Internet. It is a general story that a boy is deep in playing the game DOTA, and  lost his interest in the relationship with his girlfriend. Meanwhile,  the girl is pledging with the net users to find a way to win her game-addicted boyfriend back. At last, the girl decides to challenge her boyfriend with a winner-takes-all solo game of DOTA. If she wins , he must quit the game forever.

Game playing can sometimes affect the reality and relationship. Like the blog and other social media , information market tends to attract the attention of users, to spend the money and time on their products. Meanwhile, force drives the network to faster and faster , more and more sources of distraction are added to the market that is too powerful for individual to change. As the online love story: DoTA or girlfriend shows, some people are losing their real lives into the game world .  80% of readers illustrate that playing DOTA is a way to against lonely.  This kind of  team working game allows 5 players to play together and use different team strategies. When I  was playing this game at first, it attracted  me a lot for all the combinations , skills and the element of being social in virtual world. However, it is still a game . Sometimes, game is so attractive to people who has  time to kill , but it is essential to remember that  game is  just designed to entertainment, but the whole life is not just for entertaining.  Likewise when attention is  solely caught by this kind of media, passion of real life reduces, besides the ability of innovation.

Meanwhile , the essence of capitalist economy is to locate as many consumers as possible. In the information society , basic resource of profit is attention, same for the game market. It fosters a certain degree of addiction, as several games tend to create an alternative virtual reality for individuals. In China  , game addiction of people who is between age 17 to 30 is very severe that 64% gamers spend money on the free game platforms to purchase some tools to improve performance. Another shocking news is that a young couple even sells their children to pay for the online game addiction.


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